Kaki Bukit Recreation Centre (KBRC)

About Kaki Bukit Recreation Centre (KBRC)
Country : Singapore

SG Basketball Pte Ltd is the leading basketball provider for the youth of Singapore. Our companies, events, and programs cater to children from beginner to advanced level.

Our sports coaches and tournament organizers are passionate about ensuring that every young participant has a positive experience - and that their sport experiences enrich their lives.

Kaki Bukit Recreation Centre (KBRC)
In the east of Singapore, we have a street basketball court ingeniously built right under a flyover. Sheltered from the elements, this court at Kaki Bukit is also available into the wee hours. At KBRC, ample hourly parking is available, along with a minimart and coffeeshop!

Address: 7 Kaki Bukit Ave 3 S(415814)

Rates: $30/hr (off-peak), $40/hr (peak)


+65 9474 2234




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