John & Josephine Dance Creative

About John & Josephine Dance Creative
Country : Singapore

John & Josephine Dance Creative was established in 1999 and has been professionally conducting dancing classes such as Ballroom & Latin dances, wedding dances, children dances and more.

John & Josephine are the principals of the dance school. They are ably supported by a core resident team comprising very experienced and qualified dance teachers, all of whom have been with the school for many years, are WDC licenced international adjudicators and are renowned champions in their competitive heydays in the 1990s through to the 2000s.

Believing that dancing is a sport suitable for and to be enjoyed by people of all ages, the teachers in the school dedicate themselves to teaching, nurturing and grooming all interested dance enthusiasts, regardless of age and how much talent each possesses, to be the best dancer they can be.

In a friendly and family-orientated atmosphere, the students are encouraged to enjoy and discover themselves in dance. Some go on to compete, some actually become champions along the way, and even some are helped to achieve their aspirations to become dance teachers.


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