Kent Ridge Mountainbike Trail

About Kent Ridge Mountainbike Trail
Country : Singapore

Speed demons, this is the trail you’ve been looking for. The Kent Ridge Mountain Bike Trailoffers a no-nonsense route that features a snaking spine, and focuses mostly on technical abilities such as your grip, balance and control. It begins with a steep climb before you go on a full-throttle adventure, facing drop-offs, hairpin corners and slippery slopes.

After tackling the beastly trail, cool down and stroll along the 280-metre-long Canopy Walk—it takes you through a secondary rainforest, where you’re at eye-level with the forest canopy. Here’s your chance to spot the park’s feathered friends like the sunbirds and doves.

While you’re there, pop by Reflections at Bukit Chandu for a dose of history. The history-laden site presents the heroic tales of the Malay Regiment that fought in the most brutal battle on Singapore soil during World War II.


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