Ketam mountain bike park

About Ketam mountain bike park
Country : Singapore

On the southwest end of Pulau Ubin, amid postcard-worthy mangroves and abandoned quarries, lies the Ketam Mountain Bike Park. The park’s trails are developed according to the International Mountain Bicycling Association’s Trail Difficulty System—so they’re anything but easy. With obstacles such as boulders, logs, rocky descents and a narrow route, the ten-kilometre track will challenge even the most advanced rider.

Need to catch a breath? Settle down at the German Girl Shrine, located within the trail. Story has it that the altar commemorates the daughter of a Roman Catholic German coffee plantation manager. Centuries ago, while escaping from the British military, the girl unfortunately fell to her death in a nearby quarry. Even today, you will find joss sticks, flowers and girly offerings such as makeup and dolls adorning the shrine.

Ketam Mountain Bike Park. Pulau Ubin, Singapore 508329.
Open 24 hours daily


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