Coney Island

About Coney Island
Country : Singapore

Coney IslandSand, stones and loose gravel make up most of Coney Island’s bumpy terrain, but thankfully, there aren’t that many challenging slopes to tackle. Zip through the winding course with ease as you relish the island’s rustic beauty—the 50-hectare haven is practically untouched and is home to diverse flora and fauna. Listen out for the oriental magpie-robin’s call or get up-close with endangered plants like the native cycad, a woody shrub that looks similar to the palm tree.

Fun fact: The park is rich in history, too. Formerly known as Haw Par Island, after the Haw Par brothers (who introduced the popular muscle pain relief cream, Tiger Balm), the islet used to house the siblings’ private beach villa. Although parts of the structure were destroyed during World War II, most of the villa still stands today. Fair warning, though: The building is off-limits, but you can admire the time-worn home from a distance.

Coney Island. Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, Singapore 829325.
Daily 7am-7pm.


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