Singapore Swim School

About Singapore Swim School
country : Singapore

I offer swimming lessons for people of all ages and standards. Our mission is to equip everyone with swimming skills. Be it private one-to-one lesson or  group class, we hope to turn all non-swimmers to swimmers with fun and productive learning experience. 

My goal is to make our clients feel that learning swimming is not  as difficult or scary as they thought it would be. Water confidence is the key to learning swimming. No matter how old you are, the fear of water makes learning swimming hard. This is why our coaches always emphasize on the importance of being relax. Swimming is a relaxation exercise which is why people love it. 

The most important part of swimming is being relax and confident in the water!

My motto is to let my student enjoy water and help them to develop a passion for swimming by making the class fun, i treat all my kids student just like my kids, giving them attention and care throughout the class. I always believe if i put myself in my students shoe i will be able to coach them better.


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