Nobleman School of Floral Design

About Nobleman School of Floral Design
Country : Singapore

Established in 1994, Nobleman School of Floral Design (NSFD) is one of the premier floral design schools in Asia Pacific. With the reputation of their widely acclaimed trainers, NSFD constantly attracts numerous local and overseas students from ASEAN, China, Japan, ANZ and Europe, to attend its specialized floral art courses. Currently overseas students form more than 30% of the yearly enrolment.

NSFD courses are broad-based as well as specialized to cater for students with different requirements. The objective of the lessons is to teach in a creative and easy-to-understand manner. In addition, they adopt the latest training curriculum and techniques with the top priority being to ensure the students understand the floral techniques and think creatively. As an internationally recognized floral institution, all NSFD professional certificates are endorsed exclusively by theĀ World Flower Council (WFC), which is a first in the world. NSFD has also been awarded the status of AIFD Approved Education Partners. The first in South East Asia.

The school also conducts regular workshops where in-depth topics are discussed. Each year, the school organizes an Annual NSFD Seminar where world-renowned floral artists are invited to be VIP Speakers. This provides an excellent opportunity for the students to upgrade their floral art skill.

At NSFD, students are always encouraged to participate in international or local floral design competitions to develop their artistic flair in floral design and gain useful exposure. Such relentless effort has produced encouraging results where NSFD students have won top places in many international and regional floral design competitions.


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