Craft Atelier

About Craft Atelier
Country : Singapore

Craft Atelier started as a passion project more than a decade ago. Full-time teachers then, we (Hui Lian and Chen Chen) dreamt of co-owning a craft studio one day.

In November 2008, we took the first step by starting a part-time gig of teaching craft workshops out of Chen Chen's dining room and that is when Craft Atelier was born.

Ten years later, we made the bold leap to formally register the business and signed our first lease, at MOX Co-Making (Katong Point) in July 2018.

A year on, Craft Atelier now has our own little home at 426A Joo Chiat Road, not far from where we first started. We are not only a school that offers workshops and individualised instruction, we are also a studio where people can drop in to use our equipment, supplies and tools, as well as a community of crafters.

At Craft Atelier, we are in the business of encouraging more people to craft, and more importantly, to embrace and express our creativity in different ways. After a session here in our studio, our customers feel energised and empowered, proud of their creations and leave feeling grateful for the connections and friendships formed. Join us in celebrating the process of creation!


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