HiArt institute

About HiArt institute
Country : Singapore

HiArt institute was found in Singapore in 2010. We have finished our first round of fund raising in the year 2017, on the same year we have registered and confirmed our wholly-owned subsidiary in China. 

HiArt has insisted on studying the art related education from kid at the age of 2.5 years old to adult. We believe that everybody could be an artist. Other than been polished by the artistic environment, in HiArt we promise to provide you with confidence and satisfaction.

We strongly believe that ‘let the kids enjoy the moment of drawing’ and emphasis on an idea that ‘joy comes first, and let the skills improve along the way’. We also advocate that makes the child learn more than drawing.

Other than children’s art related development. HiArt provides fundamental teaching and enrolment test tuition for world recognised art school as well. We hope that through our training, we could provide more qualified student to famous art schools around the world.

We do also have adult learning session for art lovers. Through the teaching by professional teachers, this is to make adults enjoy drawing even with no basic skills at all. In order to receive relaxation for both body and mind.

Right now, HiArt has developed into a large professional and systematic art training centre. Meantime, we do cooperate with government organisations as well as other educational institutes positively, to bring drawing into the society and school, guiding more people the way to the charming and splendid art palace.

In year 2012 we had a cooperation with Singapore ARC children centre co ltd, to provide free lessons for children with cancer.


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