Krafers’ Paradise

Country : Singapore

Address : Krafers‘ Paradise, undefined

About Krafers’ Paradise

Krafers’ Paradise has been a leader in retail art supplies since 2008 and is also the sole distributor for Montana Cans in Singapore. In addition to providing our customers with premium brands of art materials, the company takes pride in advocating independent and emerging art in Singapore.

Krafers’ Paradise began conducting outreach back in 2017 with just a simple sponsorship programme for local artists. After a year of experimentation and challenges, we collated our efforts and experience into establishing the Krafers’ Paradise Outreach Programme in 2018. Various initiatives such as an artist-in-residence programme, an in-store exhibition space and an accessible art studio were put into motion in an effort to allow the company to connect, build and establish active relationships to culture and its denizens. The programme also enables our resident artists to represent at internationally renowned festivals such as Street Superior, Culture Cartel and Creativeworld.

Today, the programme is backed by a team of experienced and devoted creatives led by the company’s art directors, Arina Rubinskaya and Rush Rubin. As we enter 2019, our outreach will face exciting major developments as the company expands and new spaces are found. In essence, the Krafers’ Paradise Outreach Programme strives to support the community that it supplies and aims to continue inspiring the spirit of collaboration.


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