Country : Singapore

Address : Peninsula Shopping Centre Singapore, 3 Coleman St, Singapore 179804


Our journey began in 1946, when Singapore was entering a new chapter of history, and rock 'n' roll was taking the USA by storm. Seeing that music could shape both soul and society, we set out to establish a legacy of our own.

Our first foray into music was supplying brass and woodwind instruments to the military. Guitars and drums came soon after. It wasn't long before our first store at the iconic Capitol Theatre became home to renowned brands and icons from the local music scene.

As new artists and genres emerged, we expanded our line-up and presence across the region. From pro-audio to recording equipment, music academy to multi-concept social spaces, we innovate to meet the needs of anyone who’s into music, whether they’re a musician or a listener.

Today, Swee Lee is synonymous with Southeast Asia’s music and creative culture, and a trusted partner for the world’s best brands. Enter any store and you’ll be welcomed by friendly staff, an inviting ambience, and an unrivalled selection of instruments and lifestyle gear.

While we’ve certainly come a long way, we remain as passionate and committed to excellence as we were on day one. Our dedication to music is underscored by support from our local communities, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

There’s no telling who or what the next big thing is, but rest assured we’ll always be here, delivering the best products, services and a truly immersive and curated experience, whether you step into our stores or swing by our website!


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