Kali Majapahit

About Kali Majapahit
Country : Singapore

Our Mission is to positively impact the world and the life of others through our teaching and philosophy. We strive to be our very best in teaching martial arts, developing leadership skills in others, teaching personal development skills, healthy lifestyle concepts, ethics and moral. We lead by example. Together, let’s make this world a better place.

In 1998, following a lifetime dedicated to the Martial Arts, Fred Evrard founded Kali Majapahit (KM), a holistic Southeast Asian Martial Arts system. The first two KM schools were opened in Tahiti and Moorea. In 2006, after a 4-year trip around the world for further studying martial arts and traditional medicines, Fred and his wife Lila, opened their 3rd KM school in Singapore. Today, KM is represented in Singapore (Headquarters), Malaysia, Japan, India, Tahiti, France, Germany, Finland, Belgium, New Zealand, Philippines, The Netherlands and the US.

The philosophy behind Kali Majapahit is that Martial Arts training is not only about physical skills, focus and self-confidence, but also about reaching challenging goals, and building up our health and energy level. Every class will emphasize 3 aspects of the Art: Self-defense/Martial Arts, Health (including nutrition, posture correction, breathing, etc.), and Personal Growth. A comprehensive rotating curriculum makes our very efficient and unique Martial Art system accessible to anyone.


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