Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre

About Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre
Country : Singapore

In 2000, Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre was established in Singapore by Sifu Chua Kah Joo. Sifu Chua is well-versed in various martial arts such as Hung Gar, Taekwondo, Karate, just to name a few. He is also the founder of Wing Chun Martial Arts Academy in Streatham, London, and Wing Chun Martial Arts Academy in Maidenhead, UK in 1986.

正中 (zhèng zhōng), the Mandarin name of Sifu Chua's Wing Chun Training Centre was derived from his master's Chinese name, "鄭忠", better known as Joseph Cheng. Sifu Chua views Wing Chun as a way of life, a form of martial arts beyond sports. Apart from the physical training, it is a form of self-defence that brings about well being to both the body and the mind.Physically, it is a good system to understand body mechanics as well as a great exercise to strengthen the body. Mentally, it helps the practitioner relax the mind through active meditation. Through Chi Sau training in Wing Chun, active meditation is achieved as the practitioner concentrates on this intense activity.

It frees the mind from other stresses in our lives, very much like concentrating on a Yoga pose.  It is "a beautiful, unusual art, it integrates an understanding of the body’s natural force for powerful yet graceful combat  It also endows the discerning ability of knowing when to take action and when not to", says Chua.


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