Kickmatics Taekwondo

About Kickmatics Taekwondo
Country : Singapore

Founded by Singapore’s Former National Taekwondo Athlete Mr Jordan Tay in 2018. 

Kickmatics Taekwondo is a professional full time martial arts school, that is dedicated in providing quality training and aspires to nurture our students to become elite Taekwondo athletes. At Kickmatics Taekwondo, we offer a safe and proper martial arts training environment for all ages. We pride ourselves on our passionate coaching team who are made up of Ex-national Taekwondo athletes that have over 10 years of experience competing both locally and internationally.

Our mission is to make a difference in our students' lives and unleash their potential in body and spirit through Taekwondo.

Kickmatics Taekwondo constantly strives for excellence through the correct practice of Taekwondo. Our coaching philosophy is based on a student-goal oriented approach.  We always try our best to meet our students’ needs and help in their Taekwondo progression. We also emphasise the importance of doing one’s best in every endeavour, no matter what the age or level of ability. Our goal is not only to teach our students the highest-quality of Taekwondo in Singapore but also to help them develop positive character traits that will help them level on the playing field of life.​


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