SAF Yacht Club

About SAF Yacht Club
Country : Singapore

The Basic Sailing Course gives you a head start in pursuing an interest in dinghy sailing. Using a Laser Pico which is a 2-men craft where you can take turns in assuming the role of being a helmsman or crew together with a partner. The course syllabus includes basic knowledge of sailing related to rigging, knots, points of sail crafts and capsize drills. You will also get to know more about safety regulations out at sea, which will put you in good stead should you desire to pursue other Sea Sports courses in future. Participants who pass both the theory and practical test during the Level 1 Sailing Clinic will be issued a Singapore Sailing Proficiency Level 1 card. Sign up today to glide in the seas!

The Laser Pico is a two-person craft that has a main sail and a jib sail. It can also be sailed single-handedly just by removing the jib sail. It is usually the preferred craft for teaching of basic sailing course as its strong wind hull provides great stability and space for maneuverability. You will learn to be both the Helmsman and the Crew.


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