JMP Academy

About JMP Academy
Country : Singapore

JMP Academy was started with a vision to encourage and support photography as a hobby and profession. We aim to equip photographers with the essential knowledge and fundamentals of good photography via a hands-on approach.

Learn from the Masters

JMP Academy's photography courses are uniquely developed by experienced photography masters and are carefully tailored to suit all ages and levels. Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist or even a professional, you will gain substantial knowledge and insights to improve on your photography skills. Our curriculum provides an all-rounded approach to learning photography. We include hands-on sessions and professional critiques in all our courses to ensure you gain the right understanding and grasps the right techniques and fundamentals.

Enjoy Photography - Workshops and Outings

You are more likely to excel if you enjoy what you do. That is why, the academy conducts frequent workshops and outings to encourage fellow photography enthusiasts to participate in. Depending on group size and interest, we organise outings and trips venturing to various local and overseas locations to practise photography on live subjects. During these sessions, you can expect to share experiences and exchange knowledge and build friendships!

If you have the passion in photography and don't know where to start; or if you are looking to improve on your skills, JMP Academy is certainly the place for you.


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