Karen Lucas Photography

About Karen Lucas Photography
Country : Singapore

Hi there! I’m Photographer Karen Lucas and would like to wish you a very WARM WELCOME!

If you love taking photos while exploring new places and would like to improve your camera or creative skills in the company of an amazing bunch of photography-lovers from all over the world, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m a Mum, Entrepreneur, Instructor, self-taught Digital Artist, IT Guru, insatiable Traveler and Problem-Solver Extraordinaire.  I have a masters degree, speak 3 languages, am constantly looking for better ways to do things, love to dance, adore anything art-related (books, theatre, galleries) and my favourite food is Italian. I’m a big softy, especially when it comes to kids and animals, and I cry in movies… a LOT… even animations!

Most of all – I love, love LOVE helping people and I’ve always had jobs where I could make a positive difference, whether it be as a problem-solver, creator or coach.

My job is AWESOME!

I get to help people go from…

“Argh, all these camera buttons are so confusing!”


“I love taking photos, but I don’t think I’ve got a creative bone in my body – please help!”


“Woohoo!  That’s so cool!  I never dreamed I’d be able to take such amazing photos!”

And I get to do this in uber-cool (or maybe I should say smoking hot!) Singapore, my home for the past 11 years and a fantastic destination for photography with its iconic architecture, diverse cultures, elaborate festivals, endless attractions and friendly locals.


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