Cathay Photo

Country : Singapore

Address : Peninsula Plaza Singapore, 111 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179098

About Cathay Photo

Cathay Photo was established in 1959 out of a man’s love for photography and his desire to share this passion with like-minded individuals in the local community.

Today, we are the leading retailer and distributor of photography and professional video equipment – the go-to store for consumers and professionals alike.

At Cathay Photo, these three core principles have always been the cornerstone of our business:

Our integrity in all our business dealings; 
Our dedication to meeting your photography, videography and digital imaging needs at competitive prices; and
Our commitment to providing excellent customer service through our in-store professionals who are passionate and possess years of deep product knowledge.
It is also important to us that we remain ahead of the latest trends so that we can offer you a wide range of quality products, most of them widely acknowledged as the best in their fields.

Beyond that, Cathay Photo is a place for the community to learn and share their passion, through our "Cathay in Focus" series of talks, product launches and seminars.

To be able to serve the photography and videography community for 60 years (and counting!) is a huge privilege and milestone for us — one that spurs us to go even further and to remain poised for the challenges and opportunities ahead. It is easy to be swept up in the fascinating and powerful world of digital imaging but you can be assured that here at Cathay Photo, we will always remain...


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